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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My favorite

Last night after work, Kinsley, we picked you up.. took a little drive.. picked up Subway for dinner.. went home.. got in our PJs... ate & did NOTHING. It was the first night in FOREVER that Daddy had nothing to do after work. Since he still wasn't feeling great, we took advantage of it!

We all just hung out together. We actually did my favorite... *country music night*. This means we flip between GAC & the 2 country music stations (929 & 930). We just listen to music all night. I like it because when we watch tv I feel like we get all caught up in whatever's going on on tv. When we listen to music.. we dance.. we sing.. we play.. it's great!!

Well we did just that. I held you & danced. Daddy held you & danced. He sat you on his lap & guess what...!??!?! you played the drums.. guitar & keyboard.. you even held a microphone & sang. These are my favorite moments Kinsley.. that I never want to forget. I wish so bad that we had an actual video camera. Instead I use the video maker on my camera & caught a couple snippets. I might post them on here sometime. I can't wait to show them to you one day. It amazes me how tolerant you are. Daddy has so much fun with you. We both love you so much :)

Daddy's in Cincinnati tonight for a conference. Once he's back though.. that's it. No more traveling & leaving each other all the time. We get a whole summer to spend together.. all 3 of us. I can't wait!!!!! Love you baby!

Winding down

Mommy is so bad about posting lately, baby. I am so sorry. Between work & Daddy being gone most nights.. I just haven't had time. Especially because when we're home, I don't like to get on the computer. That's my time to spend with you to make up for being gone during the day. Even more so when Daddy's home. The 3 of us don't get to spend as much time together as I'd like right now.

May 8th:

Like I said, things have been crazy so we haven't had much time to do a whole lot other than baseball games. We did get to celebrate my first mothers day! Daddy went & got me breakfast (McDonalds). He had to run to the office & the field to take care of some things because it was the last regular season games. He's a busy man. You sent me flowers to the office on Friday. Daddy said you saved all the money in your piggy bank for them. He's so sweet. Obviously he had a lot to do it because all your money is still in piggy! ;)

Wesleyan had a double header at 3pm. You guys got me a card with a 'new mom' button on it that I wore all day. You also got me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet. It's on back order though. I can't wait to get it!! Everyone at the games just love you... even the opposing teams fans. WVWC played Ohio Valley that day. You were so good.. as always. Everyone tells me all the time how good you are. I love you for it.

May 12-15:

Mommy had to go to the Ohio Valley to present at Bishop Donahue & Brooke High School's award ceremonies. Daddy was leaving that day too for BlockquoteBeckley for conference championships. Grammy met us in Wheeling then we headed to McMechan. You guys came inside BDHS with me. You got to meet Amber from Jesuit & Ryan from WVU. They were so excited to see you because they traveled with me while I was pregnant with you. Things were about to begin so Grammy sat with you in the back while Mommy got ready to present. I kept turning around to see how you were doing & you were just sitting on Grammy's lap. Luckily I got to present & leave within 15 minutes. You did great! I was SO proud of you!!!

Grammy & Grandpa watched you that night while Mommy went to Brooke to present at 7pm. You were really well behaved while I was gone. You had a photoshoot too! Grammy found a dress that was mine when I was a baby & she put it on you. She even sat you on an old blanket that I sat on in the same dress for pictures. We'll have to get the picture of me sometime & put them side by side. How neat though!

The next day Aunt Jacki held you & managed to put you to sleep & you slept for a good while. When you woke up, I fed you & me, you & Grammy went shopping at the Highlands in Wheeling. Again, as always.. you were amazing! I can't believe what a well behaved baby I have! We went to see Pap Friday night. We got another picture of the 2 of you. He just loves seeing you!

Saturday we got up early & got you all dressed up because big cousin Gina was graduating from college. I can't believe it.. for 2 reasons... 1.) I feel like that was just me. It's only been 2 years since I graduated but it seems like forever ago. I feel old! haha. 2.) Gina has always been like my little sister. It's unreal to me. Your Grammy said on the way over, "who would have thought that all 3 of you would be graduated from college [me, Stevie & Gina] & you'd have a baby?". Definitely not me.. it's amazing.
Mommy dressed you up in your pretty daisy outfit from Gymboree. I saw it online last year marked down & showed Grammy. We just had to buy it for you. It's one of the first outfits you ever got. I love it! It was so nice to be back at my alma mater & to see so many familiar faces. I sat on the end in case I had to leave with you.. you were UNREAL. You ate, you napped, you watched EVERYTHING. You never cried, never fussed & I never had to leave. Have I mentioned what a good baby you are?!?! For 2 hours you were just such a good girl!

We all went out to eat at Cheddar's afterward. It was so nice to get to spend some time with everyone. Everyone just passed you around. You love it & just smiled & laughed the whole time! When we got home we took tons of pictures of you.
We didn't do much. You actually slept a good while while I packed. We left Dillonvale around noon. Daddy & the Bobcats went 2-1 in Beckly & therefore didn't make the championship. They were headed back too & ended up just being a little bit behind us once we got to Weston. You basically slept the whole way home & hardly fussed. THANK YOU! Mommy hates when you scream & it's just the 2 of us on these long drives because I can't do much about it :( I had almost everything unpacked by the time Daddy got in. He didn't feel well at all & slept from about 6-8:30. I woke him up & he went to bed until the next morning.. poor Daddy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Batter Up!

This past Saturday & Sunday you attended your first baseball games! Daddy had a double header Saturday again D&E & another 9 inning game against them on Sunday. It was a beautiful day Saturday so I got you ALL decked out in your Wesleyan gear. You were the Bobcat Baby!

As soon as we walked in the gate people started coming up to us. Is that Kinsley? Is this the Ripley Baby? Is this Coach Rip's?! People I didn't even know were talking to me as if they'd known me their entire lives. I had to start asking people who they were! Even the D&E fans were coming to see you.

Josie & Sophia came to the game too to watch Sophia's Daddy, Gary. It was so nice to those girls again. Sophia is getting so big! She's starting to talk a lot too. She said 'ba ba ba ba ba ba ba' the entire game I swear! She tried to hold your hand & touch you.. I'm pretty sure you kicked her starting fussing. Silly girl! You were nicer later! haha.

Daddy won the first game & lost the second. Mommy was so tired & sore Saturday night & Sunday from holding you so much. It was raining on Sunday so we waited awhile to go to the games. We got there around the 3rd inning. You were so good again. The catchers parents (Will Blankenship) were working the concession stand. His dad came over & asked to hold you & took you in the concession stand. Next thing I knew, his wife had you & you were passed out!! She came over & put you in your stroller.

Wesleyan lost that game too :( I felt bad for Daddy because that was his alma mater & I knew how much he would have loved to sweep 'em. Oh well, maybe next year! After the game, while everyone was leaving, EVERYONE commented on how good you were. They couldn't believe how pleasant you were for 3 1/2 months. I'm so proud of you. Daddy was so happy to see us at the games, especially you. I took you down the 3rd baseline a few times through the games so you could see Daddy. He'd come over & give you kisses once in awhile. He loves you so much!


Easter Break: April 21-24

Thursday, April 21:

After work I picked you up from Paula's & the 2 of us headed back to Dillonvale. Daddy had games Friday & Saturday so he couldn't join us until then. It was my first road trip with you alone. It was a beautiful evening & you were pretty good for the most part.. even stayed awake for parts of the trip. We got in around 9.. said our hellos & called it a night.

Friday, April 22:

I was so excited for today because I was getting you all 'dolled up to see the Easter Bunny! I talked to Daddy in the morning & found out that due to an excessive amount of rain on it's way.. he might be in sooner rather than later because the games might be cancelled. We were excited for this news!
Grammy, Grandpa & I got you all ready & headed to the mall in St. Clairsville. We did a little shopping & once you ate in Macy's.. we headed directlyBlockquote for "Bun Bun". You were sooooo precious in your pink dress. It was the first dress I had ever put you in.. EVERYONE was stopping to say how pretty you were.. the workers in Macy's, strangers in the bathroom, everywhere. There was no line so I walked right up & sat you on his lap. You were soooo good! I was so proud of you. The picture turned out great! Then, they let mommy sneak in & Grammy snapped a picture of the 3 of us. I hope you're this good with Bun Bun next year!

We got a call from Daddy saying the ALL the games were cancelled but they were having 4:30 practice & he'd probably just come up in the morning. I was happy he was going to get to spend more time with us then we had thought. We did a little more shopping, had lunch at Cracker Barrel where you slept & headed home. We visited Pap & Aunt Jacki that evening. I finally got Pap to hold you (he's always afraid he's going to drop you because he shakes). He was so happy & just loves you!

Saturday, April 23:

Talked to Daddy first thing in the morning. He had left the house, was heading to New Martinsville to visit with your Great Grandma Betty & was heading to Oglebay to meet the 4 of us. We all rode to Oglebay so Mommy & Grammy could meet with the wedding coordinator to sign the contract for our reception in the Pine Room. Daddy was able to meet us there which I was happy about. Grammy bought you a 'My First Easter' outfit so you wore that. You were adorable & SUCH a good baby!

We went to see the Pine Room, walked around the Lodge, met with Shirley, looked at some reception picture then had lunch in the 'Glass Works Grill & Bar'. You were so good. You just sat in your carrier & looked out the window & watched us. I'm so proud of you for how good you are for just 3 months!
When we got home we were all soooo tired. We were having Easter dinner together that night though. Your big cousin Gina came up to visit. It was strange to not have dinner at my Grammys. All of the holidays are going to be so different without her now. It was nice to have Grandpas whole side of the family get together for every holiday & eat too much food. But this nice little Easter dinner with just the 6 of us was just as nice.

We went down Aunt Jacki's to visit/say our good-bye's since we were leaving in the morning. Mommy got some pictures of you in her living room with your bunny ears on (also courtesy of Grammy). We were all laughing so hard at you. You were soo funny & kept falling over. I'm glad you're so tolerant.

Easter Sunday, April 24:

We woke up pretty early. Mommy wasn't feeling great for some reason. My whole body ached & my head was killing me. I layed around for awhile & then after my shower, felt a little better. You were sleeping in your swing so Mommy & Daddy did our Easter basket from Grammy & Grandpa. We got some really nice things (Wesleyan candle, DVDs, I got a pretty silver bracelet, candy of course, etc.). Perfect timing, you woke up, so we did your baskets. That's right, you had 3! You got soooooooo much stuff!.. of course!
We packed everything up & headed to New Comerstown. I hated that we had to have 2 cars but since Daddy had to drive separate, we didn't have choice. Daddy couldn't wait to get to Aunt Pammy's. He took you out of your carseat & we had to put your bunny ears on. We walked in the door & everyone went CRAZY! They loved their little Easter Bunny. You were ADORABLE. It was so nice because Uncle John, Ryan, Megan, Robbie, & Uncle John's sister & mom got to meet you for the first time!

Everyone passed you around. You were so good.. as usual. You got baskets from Mimi & Grandpa & Aunt Pammy & Uncle John. You got more clothes, books, signs, money, etc. Then, the big kids went into the basement after dinner for our Easter egg hunt. Grandpa was all bummed out we couldn't have it outside because it was rainy & the ground was all wet. Mommy had been hearing about this annual easter egg hunt for over a year. I had no idea how serious it was. I came out with $11. Aunt Ashton was the champion with 3 of the 4 golden eggs and $60+!
Then, Grandpa had a SPECIAL Easter Egg Hunt for you on the front porch. Since it was your first time it was only appropriate we were fair to the baby! He had 10 eggs 'hidden' for you. Daddy took you around with your special basket to pick them up. He gave you the first egg he found & you held onto it then ENTIRE time! It was so cute & no one could believe it. You were SO into everything that was going on. That's what I love about you.. you don't miss ANYTHING. You're so into everything that's going on around you. You came out of your hunt with a 50 cent piece and $18!
After we did that we had to pack up & head back to Buckhannon because it's about a 3 hour drive. You were pretty good for Mommy. We stopped in Clarksburg because you got pretty fussy because you were hungry. Daddy was happy because I pulled over in Taco Bell! We drove through & ate in the car while you ate.
We headed home & guess what!??!?!... The Easter Bunny stopped by our house while we were gone. He dropped off an easter basket for you & put it right next to the jump jump Mommy & Daddy got you for Easter. How did he know?!?! Boy did he get you some nice things. You got some clothes, a bathing suit, a toy for when you start crawling. some neat books & a new bow! You sat on the couch while Daddy showed you everything. You are such a good baby. Mommy & Daddy love you, Kinsley. Happy 1st Easter!!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby at the office

Last night Mommy brought you into the office around 5:30 because I REALLY needed to make some phone calls. I brought you in your carrier in the stroller. You hung out in there for a short while, then I had to hold you. If only the people I was calling could see us... I was walking all around the office.. in my socks.. bouncing you on my hip. You thought it was funny!

When my arm got tired I made you a little play area on the ground. You managed to roll enough that you did a complete 180! I couldn't believe how much you are able to move now on your own. Now that you're at Paula's I don't get to see these little things all day like I used to. Sometimes I feel like I miss a lot, but I quickly push those thoughts out of my head & remember to not take a single second with you for granted.

When you got tired of being on the ground, I sat you in one of the big blue chairs in front of my desk. It was the funniest thing. You sat there with Benny forever while I called. I felt like you were a student I was interviewing. I wish I could have you here all the time.

Then, Daddy came in from practice so he could call. He was so excited to see you. You smile SO big for him. I love when you smile. Sometimes I wonder how someone so small could smile so big!?!?! It couldn't be any bigger or any more precious. I love those gummy smiles! When you got a little fussy I walked you down the hallway to see Daddy & pushed you in the stroller up & down the hall a few times.

I brought you back in in the stroller, gave you your bink.. & you fell asleep. You're so precious. I wish your sweet little face was right here next to my desk now..

Sitting.. Leaning.. Grabbing.. Falling

You're sooooooo close to sitting up on your own, Kinsley. When we sit you on the couch.. you LOVE to lean forward & grab your toes. It cracks me up because it looks like you're stretching. You sit... you lean forward (which is when I can tell you're going to be doing it all by yourself soon).. you reach for those little tootsies & sloooooooooooowly start falling over sideways. It's so cute. Usually Daddy or I will grab you & help you to sit back upright, but sometimes we can't get to you in time & down you go. Next thing I know you're on your side.. toes still in your fist. You just love it & think it's so funny.

You're also able to sit in your Bumbo now & you finally like it. It's so sweet. At night, we usually take all your clothes off because #1 it's been hot & #2 you LOVE it. You get sooooo excited it's hysterical. As much as I'm excited you'll be sitting on your own soon.. it makes me sad because it's just one step closer to you not needing me anymore. Daddy says it's okay because we'll be able to play with you more & it'll be fun. I just love you being my LITTLE (but so big) girl!



Mommy is SOOOOO far behind in posting to you. I am so sorry. Life has been HECTIC lately. I was so excited about golf season finishing so we'd all be together a little more. As Daddy was about to leave for his last tournament, he gets a call from Head Coach Tenney (baseball) saying Daddy is Interim Head Coach because he has a detached retina. OHHH BOY!

So Daddy's taking over baseball & life in admissions is NUTTY! We're working hard in being very proactive is trying to reach our goals for deposited students. Currently, I have 59 deposited, but I need 75. I've just been so busy at the office I don't even know what day it is. On Wednesday, I didn't sit at my desk until 2:30!

In the meantime, you've been getting so big & I've been having so much fun with you. When I get home from work I don't like to get on the computer because I want to spend as much quality time with you & Daddy as I can! Oh.. Mommy did finally start working out this week though.. you sit in your swing & watch me and laugh. Jillian Michaels is doing a good job getting me in shape. I bought a new DVD to try out & Daddy impulsively purchased us some new equiptment because he wants to workout too! He's in a wedding in less than a month & I bought an SUPER CUTE dress for it that I'm trying to trim up for. As of Sunday... NO SUGAR FOR MOMMY!

I'm going to update you on Easter & so many other things soon baby, I promise :)